Tecno Spark 10 5G – 6.6″ – 8GB RAM – 256GB ROM – 5,000mAh

Tecno Spark 10 5G – 6.6″ – 8GB RAM – 256GB ROM – 5,000mAh


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  • Faster Internet Experience with 5G
  • D6020 Octa-Core Express Processor
  • 50MP Ultra Clear Rear Camera
  • 8MP Glowing Selfie with Dual Flash
  • 5000mAh Super Battery+18W Fast Charge
  • 256 ROM, 8GB RAM (+ 8GB Extended RAM)
  • 6.6″ HD+ 90Hz Refresh Rate
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Revolutionize your mobile experience!

Rediscover the world of mobile network with SPARK 10 5G : Literally surfing the internet! Surf all-day-long with its super battery and fast charge. Explore limitlessness with it vast memory capacity. And experience its groundbreaking cubic design that transforms aesthetics into a tangible experience.


D6020 Octa-Core Express Processor

Powered by D6020 Octa-Core Express Processor
Elevate the power and speed of mobile processing

Faster Internet Experience with 5G

Get a feeling for 5G

Network speed takes off!

Wide range of 5G band frequency support

Support up to 14 different 5G band frequencies, so 5G network is available with more network operators in more countries/regions.
*The number of frequency band supported may vary depending on the specific model in different countries of sale.

SMART 5G 2.0

Save more power for Internet connection by intelligently selecting 4G/5G network based on traffic bandwidth. Power consumption reduced by up tp 13%.

Smart Network Allocation

Download faster! It intelligently switches between cellular data and wifi channels. Network lagging down by up to 40%. Download speed up by 15%.

LinkBooming 2.0

Enjoy a smoother network experience with accelerations for both cellular data and wifi. Network latency down by up to 60%.


5000mAh Super Battery
18W Fast Charge

Stay in power long. Back in power fast.

Powerful enough to sustain long hours of gaming or phone calls. When running out of power, plug in the 18W fast charger, and get back in business in no time.

(8GB Extended RAM)

Vast Memory. Fast, Flash, Fluid.

An extra 8GB of RAM for use, thanks to the Memory Fusion technology. It guarantees the seamless experience on the phone. Apps run faster, smoother, even when multiple major apps are up in the background. Stuttering or crashing is no longer an issue.

6.6” HD Screen
with 90HZ High Refresh Rate

See Things Vivid and Lifelike on Display

Enjoy vibrant visuals on the comfortably-sized 6.6″ HD screen. With 90Hz high refresh rate, ultra-high resolution display, and DCI-P3 color gamut, it delivers a captivating visual experience.


SPARK’s Cubic Design

From 2D to 3D and beyond. Transform design into a multi-dimensional experience.

Refined Aesthetics
Lunar-Earth Dual-Lens Rear Camera Module

Stylish Design
Artistic Patchwork of Glossy and Matte Patterns

In-demand Body Design
Streamlined Unibody with Classic Straight Edges

Delightful Experience
Comfortable and Lightweight at Hand



Renewed with Dual 50MP AI Cameras. Geared up to create a Superstar experience.


Reveal the star bit in you. Your style, your call.

ASD Mode + 3D LUT = Reconstructed Natural Colorfulness

ASD identifies the portrait and scene, while LUT enhances their coloring and shadowing respectively. For every single shot, colors are fully adapted to skin tones to regenerate the natural colorfulness of your style.

Personalized Beautification

Break away from the “one-size-fits-all” beauty. Enhance your glamour from every imaginable dimension to restore
the beauty that belongs only to you. It learns and keeps your beautification needs in mind, polishing your natural beauty based on gender and a vast series of personal parameters, just like your personal stylist.


Explore limitless night fantasies.

Super Night Filters:
Turn on a Fantastic Night

Black Gold/Green Orange/Ice
Versatile styles of night filters to fit your unique night photography. Break into a world of night fantasies never seen before.

Super Night Algorithm

Let out your nocturnal nature with SPARK 10 5G! The Super Night algorithm integrates and aligns multiple frames in one shot to find the perfect you, and the perfect night scene in the dazzles. Get this night superpower. Get superb night shots!

Super Videos

Get On The Move
Vlog your life, in a fun, pro and personalized way.

Rich features to empower video creation. Be the star in your life! Beautify, as you move. So you’re beautiful in motion. Focus, with background blurred. So you’re always the absolute star. Backlight or dim light, HDR significantly
eliminates noises and improves video quality at night.

Cinematography Mode
Easy. Fun. But PRO.

A library of ready-to-use sound tracks, special effects and transitions to meet your studio-grade video creation need in any genre. Easy to use, but no compromise on quality. Create a blockbuster in a touch.

Smart Focus

Automatically focus tracking on you, from eyes to face to body… Or even your pets! It instantly focuses on the object as it’s detected. Never miss a wonderful moment, even if it comes unexpectedly.


Shine up your beauty with the fantasizing soft light at your control.

3 Levels of Adjustable Brightness

The Lighting Pro in Your Pocket.

Lack the light you need for the perfect selfie? No worries! SPARK 10 5G sparks it up. Built-in front flashlight offers 3 levels of adjustable brightness to suit different lighting needs. Bright or dark, it always captures your highlight moments. 10lux soft light illuminates beauty without glaring in eyes. The Super flash light algorithm is also in
place to correct any overexposure. So feel free to shine the way you are!

Ring-shaped Fill Light from Screen

Latest algorithm upgrade offers customized smart fill lights without overexposure in all kinds of settings, restoring your natural skin tones and organic beauty.

Empower a Seamless life

ELLA 2.0

A trustworthy, responsive and intelligent assistant that speaks English, French and Nigerian Hausa.


Algorithm Powered Album that classifies photos, recommends covers, and sorts out your albums.

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