Infinix Smart 7 Plus – 6.6″ HD+ 64GB ROM – 6,000MAH BATTERY

Infinix Smart 7 Plus – 6.6″ HD+ 64GB ROM – 6,000MAH BATTERY


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  • 6000mAh 4-Day Big Battery with Type-C
  • Up to 7GB Big RAM (Including 3GB Extended RAM)
  • 6.6’’ Big HD+ Sunlight Readable Display
  • Octa-Core Powerful AI Processor
  • 13MP Extra Clear Dual AI Camera
  • 3D Textured Antibacterial Design
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Smart 7 Plus
Super Lasting Power

  • 6000mAh 4-Day Big Battery with Type-C
  • Up to 7GB Big RAM (Including 3GB Extended RAM)
  • Octa-Core Powerful AI Processor
  • 3D Textured Antibacterial Design
  • 13MP Extra Clear Dual AI Camera
  • 6.6’’ Big HD+ Sunlight Readable Display

3D Textured Design
Be handy, but also practical. SMART 7 Plus was inspired by the lively ripples to give you a unique dynamic & trendy experience unlike any others.

6000mAh 4-Day Big Battery
Type-C Convenient Charging
For a truly reliable and durable battery life experience, leave it to SMART 7 Plus. The massive 6000mAh battery supports up to 4 days of light use on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about charging as often.

Power Marathon Solution
All day pleasure without worry. Power Marathon offers 3 different power-saving solutions to fit your needs. In urgent needs, the Ultra Power Saving Mode enables an unbelievable whole-day standby time or 2 hours calling when the battery is down to 5% .

  • 5% Power with Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • 2Hrs Calling
  • 24Hrs Standby Time

Up to 7GB Big RAM
Including 3GB Extended RAM
SMART 7 Plus provides a new level of smoothness in its class. Watching movies, listening to music, or other daily scenarios can be made more enjoyable with the bigger RAM.

Storage Streamlizing Tech
A bigger space than you think. Infinix Storage Streamlizing Tech optimizes the storage logic of the existing files to free up to 15% storage space, giving you more space to store your favourite apps, photos and music.

Up to 2TB Expandable Storage Supported
Catering to your ever-changing needs for all the photos, videos and songs that you care about, SMART 7 Plus supports storage expansion of up to 2TB. Hence, you can record your life without worrying.

6.6’’ Big HD+ Full View Display
SMART 7 Plus has a thin-edge 6.6’’ HD+ big screen with an advanced 84% screen-to-body ratio, creating movie-like visual experience for your everyday enjoyment.

Clear & Comfortable In Any Light Condition
Because you need a brighter screen when the light is strong outdoors and a darker screen when the light is low indoors, SMART 7 Plus features 4096 levels of automatic brightness adjustment from 500 nits to 1 nit, so you can view it outdoors or indoors comfortably no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Octa-Core Powerful AI Processor
The highly integrated octa-core AI processor platform is the intelligent brain you can rely on. It easily handles your daily communication, photo, and other daily use needs.

13MP Extra Clear Dual AI Camera
High MegaPixel Camera is now on SMART! Experience extra clear pictures with the new SMART 7 Plus and capture every beautiful moment of your life.

Soft Front Flashlight
Bright and Shine Portrait
Your front camera is equipped with a soft flashlight. Make your selfies stand out anytime, anywhere.

Beez 2.0
DIY Music Incubator with DTS Processing
Be a musician! The Beez 2.0 brings out the best of your creativity by enabling you to compose your own music, input vocals, lyrics, and edit.

Silver Ion Antibacterial Spray
Physical diseases are often caused by the adhesion and multiplication of microorganisms. Silver Ion Antibacterial Spray has 99% antibacterial rate against 14 kinds of bacteria and mold, making SMART 7 Plus safer and tougher.

Fingerprint & Face Safety Unlock
SMART 7 Plus supports fingerprint or facial recognition unlock, providing secure and convenient unlock experience.

200+ Rigorous Quality Tests
Infinix has a long-standing commitment to all of its customers, and for this reason our products are subjected to 200+ different types of rigorous testing to ensure a pleasant and secure experience.

Vitality through Innovation
The brand new design brings you a balanced blend of energy and technology.

Health Management
Embrace a Healthy Life
Track changes in your fitness and various health data. Empowering your daily health even more.

Network Enhancement
The creation of a continuous pleasant experience is made possible by the synergy of multi network speed.

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